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Founded by Joe Assell, Mike Clinton, and Clayton Cole in 1995, GOLFTEC is a golf instruction and club fitting company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. With more than 200 retail locations worldwide, GOLFTEC teaches more than one million lessons annually. Currently, it has locations in the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

GolfTEC has unrealistic expectations, employees are overworked and underpaid, and leadership is unclear, according to a review by a former employee at

"1. No Money 2. TOO Many hours 3. No clear leadership 4. Crony upper management 5. Poor expectations or unrealistic 6. Let's just say, if you love charity work, this is the job for you!"


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Former Employee - Headquarters says

"No culture. Male dominated norms/philosophy. HR Department non existent/incompetent"

Former Employee - Certified Personal Coach says

"Be prepared for high pressure sales position; sales "standards" which are unrealistic for most coaches; only some coaches are put on PIP and I was one - so my manager made the job a nightmare; requirement high for small bonuses; work till 8pm most nights if you are new; technology does not always work; a lot happens in a 30 minute lesson so people feel rushed sometimes; basically you work here because you love teaching golf and helping people but this is such a high pressure mind game it took all the fun out of working. Hated it. On top of it all - you get paid holidays UNLESS your day off is the same day. Company policy."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- No communication from management. - I put my two weeks in respectfully and I received a call from one of my students the next day after putting in my two weeks saying my last day was the follow day (2 days after putting my two weeks in). I FOUND OUT FROM MY STUDENT?!?! Professional company, no way!"

Former Employee - PGA Pro & 'Certified Coach' says

"Simply, the most dishonest users I've ever encountered in my life. I can't believe there are legit great reviews. I'm a mid career PGA Class A Professional with multiple local/section & national awards. I was recruited - and the potential to open a franchise in my home town was the key for me joining. No agreement they made regarding pay was kept. After my first 10.5 months I was ranked #4 out of 428 pros nationally in sales. My sales of the coveted full year higher-end lesson packages was twice the company average. My sales of custom fitting sessions was three times the entire center's - combined. I literally could not afford to get to work... the pay 'formula' is "up to their discretion" - when you 'new & excited and ready to rock' it's implied that you could make MORE if you really do well... I was assured - direct quote "Don't worry, you're doing great! It takes a little while for the formula (corp. center manager used) to catch up but when all is said and done, YOUR PAY SHOULD BE ABOUT 40% OF YOUR SALES:... Now that's a loosely descriptive term...I'm cool with that.. could mean a couple grand. I sold 160K and my gross pay was 38,5.. Not even CLOSE to "about 40%" -Closer to TWENTY THOUSAND OFF "about 40%" At my 'annual review just prior to starting my 12th month, my manager knew the pay thing had been an on going issue. There were four teaching pros when I started and the mgr was weaning himself out of lessons & not taking new clients, as he was 'overseeing a few locations and he was due & probably expecting to get beamed up to the mothership. During that first year, 2 of our pros quit, and I trained a new golfTEC U grad - who's entire teaching resume was assisting the summer before with jr golf clinics for the town. At our meeting he was very sympathetic and told me "Yes, YOU hit it out of the park, but 'the center' didn't, so didn't make bonuses"...I reminded him it'd been behind for the last 6 months - he knew - I wrote to the head sales guy (we had gotten along very well and he'd written me saying how great I was doing) and Mike in Denver and told them I simply couldn't even afford to get to work some weeks without borrowing $50 day before payday. I POLITELY demanded they write AT LEAST a 5K check and we'd negotiate something on the remainder of the mysterious $20,000 pay gap OR, I WOULD BE FORCED TO FINISH THE NEXT MONTH and resign. They ask if you're going to leave to please give as much notice as possible so you can introduce your clients to their new coach, do some 'transition lessons' which I had no problem with. I had good relationships and had become quite friendly with most, so I wanted to finish the next 4-5 weeks anyway... That was a Saturday afternoon, after closing another full year plan from a Groupon Evaluation - no less. He said he would inform Denver of my situation. He called me back the next day (Sun) and said "They figured it be best if I did NOT return at all. I had LOADS of stuff there, books, a computer platform staff bag, teaching aids....he said they'd send it all UPS. THEY DIDN'T WANT ME BACK ON THE PROPERTY. Not even to due the 'transition lessons'. I found out from several students they were told I just quit. Period. No warning....which was total BS! AND MY Reputation they were smearing. Many of my students asked for refunds of their unused sessions and some took the 2 or 3 free lessons 'to meet the new coach' and then stopped Their entire plan is accepting of massive turnover... SO what if 1/2 your clients leave - they got all those other ones you brought in"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Owner was absolutely horrible to work for"

Certified Coach says

"1. NO Money 2. TOO Many hours to justify point #1 3. No clear leadership 4. Crony upper management 5. Poor expectations or unrealistic 6. Lets just say, if you love charity work, this is the job for you!"

Former Employee - Center Manager says

"I managed one of the centers. It's all about sales and has absolutely nothing to do with getting people better at golf. They want you to sell everyone that comes in the door 52 golf lessons and your expected to renew them every year. Who the heck needs that many golf lessons. Ridiculous incentive programs created by corporate that are unattainable, the worst benefits known to man, and no room for advancement. Corporate is very cut throat. The first chance they get, they will bring in someone younger to work for less. Don't work for these people, avoid the cool aide at all costs"

Current Employee - Instructor says

"Owners who know nothing about golf. They tell you to teach your own style but they don't mean it. The technology is light years behind. Pay is horrible and you have to become a slimy salesman to make living expenses. Compensation and benefits are up to individual owner. You can't afford the insurance. The only somewhat successful operations are company owned because of the cool-aid mentality. Be prepared to drink it. They don't want your opinion. It's about sales and not about teaching golf."


"This company is a franchise model and you seem to have a lot of bosses. The management team is under a lot of stress because things aren't going as well as they make it seem and they pass that pressure along to everyone. Most of the franchises are barely hanging in there and there have been some closings. The product is strange, I mean who wants to take an indoor golf lesson? They've had to layoff some employees and give pay cuts to others. The pay is 20-30% less than you'd find in other industries and the benefits are pretty sad. The marketing agency department is pretty much a joke. They are grumpy and turn over every couple years because they are overworked and under paid."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Cheating people. All about sales, not about helping them improve. I quit after realizing that my job was to basically lie to my students in an effort to get them to spend more money. Had to teach a certain way and focus on obscure, complicated points."

Headquarters Employee (Current Employee) says

"Excessive hours expectedPreferential treatment to male employeesManagement is very closed minded (does not think outside the box)Corporate Culture does not existBenefits are horribleHR Department antiquated and overall inexperienced and ineffectiveFree leftover lunches for company peasantsExcessive hours, Culture is very bad (especially toward Women)"

Certified Personal Golf Coach (Former Employee) says

"Someone comes to you to get better. Your job as a coach now is to close a high percentage of those people at an average of (well behind what one would expect) to reach "minimum company standards". That, in addition to having a manager being a total jerk in meetings to review my progress every month. After advising him of how his behavior affected me, I finally contacted HR and they had a way of turning it all back on me. After putting me on an "improvement plan" I achieved their numbers and resigned. Meanwhile, at least half the coaches in the region were below my numbers and were not put on such programs. I found it to be the most stressful and unsatisfying jobs I have ever had due to the manager primarily but the whole sales thing is not for me. If you are OK with remembering specific scripts and comebacks and spend a lot of time training on them - this job is for you. They did not ask me for an exit interview.Indoors, 2 trips to DenverWorking at night, their bi-annual big promotions and what you have to do, Very high pressure sales situation"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"these guys are on theyre way out of business. terrible terrible terrible. all they care about is making a sale"

Coach (Former Employee) says

"Salary estimate was based on reaching every possible sales and teaching bonus. Impossible to reach in first 1-3 years. Company claims to be all about “helping people play better golf” but really only interested in sales numbers. Awful company"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work with great benefits, if you are a golfer, unless you are in the accounting department. Micro management on steroids. Not fun if you like to get on with your work without your boss looking over your shoulder every minute of the day, oh and make sure you keep your desk tidy too! Seems like every other department was a good place to work.Great office, nice people, great product.Bad Manager"

PGA Golf Professional (Former Employee) says

"Not a very fun place to work. A new establishment set off of the main grid, so to speak. Because of this opportunities to establish a solid base of clientele were almost impossible."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"this place is hit or miss. depends on where in the country you work as they are a franchise. i was unlucky and had to work for a guy who had no clue what to do. as a result they were losing lots of moneyweekends off and ptomanagement"

Certified Personal Coach (Current Employee) says

"This is a sales job not a golf instruction job. Relative to the rest of the industry, you make ok money but for how much you sell and work, they are stealing from you. Flexibility is nice but the facilities and tools are awful."

Certified Instructor (Former Employee) says

"This company provides golf instruction for clients to help them get better."

Center Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good place to work if you only want to do exactly what they tell you to do. Be sure to not have any ideas on how to improve things. It's completely up to them.2 days off a week- 1 weekend dayFranchise owners"

Certified PGA Coach (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work to stay up on the latest golf instruction research. Very research oriented and fact based. Fun to sell golf equipment so clients can have the correct clubs to fit them. Enjoy helping them improve.Flexible scheduleno 401k"

Certified Personal Coach (Former Employee) says

"Sales. Customer Service. How to sell long term packages. Good company, they did not pay enough. Getting a player to understand how to change their golf game. I loved doing sales on a face to face basis.Fun place to work.They did not pay enough with commissions."

Golf Instructor / Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"My years at golftec was a very up lifting experience. I gave over 2500 lessons in my years there. I meet a lot of interesting people and made a lot of friends on the waymeeting studentsunder paid"

Fitting Specialist (Former Employee) says

"great video to work with indoors, nice to see golf swings compared to many different golf professionals. Just hard to teach indoors rather than seeing ball flight. But well run companygreat conceptindoors, salesman rather than golf pro"


"Company structure allows professionals to teach and not worry about the other tedious pro-shop related tasks that are associated with golf club jobs. Unfortunately pros are not properly compensated for the amount of revenue they bring the company."

Golf Professional (Current Employee) says

"Teaching clients to improve their abilities. Enjoy the freedom. Human capital is organized appropriately. The long hours are compensated by the relationships you develop over time with your clients.Active participationNights and weekend hours"

Assistant Center Manager, Teaching Professional (Former Employee) says

"loved working here, but hard to make a living can go teach outside when its nice, holidays off, 2 days off per week which is rare in the golf businesseasy job, laid back, good work life balanceno money, little room to move up, no money...did I already say that?"

Full Time Teaching Professional (Former Employee) says

"Giving mostly one on one golf instruction in an indoor setting using cameras and motion sensors. The organization does a nice job training and continuing to improve upon their technology.Indoors (Climate Control), up-to-date technology, most customers are happy to be thereIt is a sales Job; so you are pushed and pushed to sell more and more"